Stephen Colbert attempts to explain Donald Trump’s double-negative Russia speak

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After President Donald Trump attempted to clarify his muddled remarks about Russia using the “double-negative” reasoning, late-night host Stephen Colbert tackled the problem in a comedic way on The Late Show on Wednesday night.

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Using revived animated educational show Schoolhouse Rock, Colbert tried to explain, in detail, the concept of the double negative. Put to a jaunty tune, the lyrics also criticized Trump’s relationships with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Double negative, what’s your function?/A desperate way to not side with the Russians/
Double negative, how’s that function?/ Confusing the people with sentence construction.”

“When you say something positive that’s horribly negative, add a little negative to make it positive!/For instance, ‘the president isn’t in Putin’s pocket; the president isn’t not in Putin’s pocket.’/Let’s try it again: ‘The president wasn’t owned by Kim Jong-un; the president wasn’t owned by Kim Jong-un… not.’/Or how about, ‘The president isn’t trustworthy.’ Well, let’s just let that one stand.”

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The segment ended with one last double-negative dig at Trump: “Trump can’t never won’t tell the truth.”

(Check out the hilarious segment in the video, top.)

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