New documentary reveals rise of Winnipeg’s hip hop dance community

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From its underground beginnings to now-massive events in Winnipeg, hip hop has formed a proud community in the prairies.

A new documentary called “Our Scene the Movie” is aiming to help people understand what’s happening at home by sharing the stories of hip hop pioneers who set the path and foundations for many Winnipeg dancers.


“It’s a title that really allows us to say our, as opposed to the … it’s not the scene, it’s our scene, we’ve all contributed to it, every single person has put in their blood, sweat, and tears to having what we have,” said documentary creator and hip hop dancer Genie Baffoe.

“Everybody, dancer or not, this is our scene, together.”

In total, the project took seven months to complete. Shooting started in the fall of 2017 and involved more than 30 interviews with current dance leaders and dancers from the 1980s.

The film features hours worth of dance footage dating back to 1985. Baffoe and videographer Quan Luong said they shine a spot light on numerous dance crews, community leaders, high school dance programs and performance groups in the production.

“It’s super crucial for those of us who aren’t dancers to know what your city accomplished and the talent that is here brewing in the prairies,” Baffoe said.

The documentary is screening at the Winnipeg Art Gallery on July 28. Tickets are available online and at the door.

People can learn more about the project and watch the documentary trailer here or on Facebook.

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