Dam replacements proceeding despite cancelled hydroelectric stations: Parks Canada – Peterborough

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Parks Canada says dam replacements will proceed despite the province scrapping four hydroelectric stations along the Trent Severn Waterway in Central Ontario.

In a statement, Parks Canada said Ontario’s decision to cancel and wind down 758 renewable energy contracts “has implications” for four projects along the TSW.

Peterborough, Trenton hydroelectric stations among cancelled energy projects


Three of the four projects — Lock 1 in Trenton, Lock 24 in Selwyn Township and Lock 25 south of Lakefield — are at locations where Parks Canada is preparing to replace an existing dam.

“While coordination work between Parks Canada and the hydro developers had been undertaken to realize efficiencies for the projects, the dam replacements will still proceed with minimal impact to the schedule and without the hydro generation capability that was originally planned,” Parks Canada issued in a statement to CHEX News on Wednesday evening.

Parks Canada was working closely with Peterborough Utilities and Bawitik Power Corporation on several of the projects, which included one planned at Lock 31 in Buckhorn.

“Leading up to the cancellation of these contracts, there was significant coordination between Parks Canada and the hydro proponents to realize efficiencies in design and construction, and the projects had been progressing on schedule,” the release stated.

“Parks Canada has also worked diligently with the province of Ontario, Ontario Waterpower Association and various other federal and provincial government agencies to advance these projects. In addition, public consultation had also been undertaken.”

758 renewable energy contracts cancelled by Ontario government, millions in savings promised

Parkas Canada says the financial impact of the cancelled hydroelectric projects has yet to be determined.

“The licensing of these generating stations would also have provided additional revenue for Parks Canada’s Ontario Waterways, which would have been reinvested in the ongoing operation and maintenance of the Trent-Severn and Rideau Canals,” Parks Canada stated.

The province says the cancellations of hundreds of projects will save $780 million.

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