Bill Kelly: Doug Ford’s audit is more about politics than financial policy – Hamilton

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For a guy who promised to be careful how he spent every tax dollar, you have to wonder why Doug Ford would spend about a million dollars to tell us something we already know.

This line-by-line audit was a Ford campaign promise to expose the shoddy spending habits and creative bookkeeping of the Wynne government. But really, is this money well spent?

WATCH: Doug Ford announces inquiry and audit of spending in Ontario

We already have two financial watchdogs in Ontario, the auditor general and the financial accountability officer, who are charged with the responsibility of analyzing the government books and both of those agencies provided thorough and very critical reports about the Wynne government.


In fact, the auditor general issued a report just before the election that was quite critical of every facet of the government’s spending, from its hydro plan to executive compensation, and most importantly, on its questionable bookkeeping to create the illusion of a balanced budget.

Ontario auditor general says government understates deficit by billions

We already know how badly they handled our money. That’s why Ontario voters turfed them out in the last election.

So why is the new government about to spend a million dollars to create a report that already exists?

It seems the audit plan is more about politics than policy.

Ontario taxpayers would rather see that million dollars spent on fixing our problems than on telling us something we already know.

Bill Kelly is the host of the Bill Kelly Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.

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